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Rogate CE Primary School
Rogate CE Primary School

Rogate CE Primary School



The role of the governors

The governing body is a group of volunteers who bring skills from a variety of backgrounds to support the school and its head teacher by:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

The governors therefore provide strategic leadership and accountability in the school and they are responsible for appointing the head teacher and deputy head teacher, who have the responsibility of running the school.

The governors visit the school frequently to keep in touch and to fulfil their legal responsibilities. They keep themselves informed by using professional information resources, by getting advice from experts and by attending training sessions organised by the county council and other organisations.

You can find out more about what governors do from the National Governors’ Association here.

Constitution of the governing body

As a Church of England-controlled school, we have five kinds of governor:

  • Two foundation governors appointed by the Church of England Diocese of Chichester
  • One local authority governors appointed by West Sussex County Council
  • Two parent governors elected by the parents
  • Two staff governors (the headteacher and one elected by the staff)
  • Four co-opted governors appointed by the governors to represent the local community and/or bring specific skills

We also have one (non-voting) associate governor appointed for specific skills and experience that benefit the school.

Meeting Structure

There are currently no committees and all members of the governing body attend every meeting. This is to ensure that all governors have a full understanding of all of the key aspects necessary for good governance.

Governors can be contacted via Sarah McCarthy, the clerk to the governors, who is located at the school.

Governor details





Governor type
Meeting attendance (Since September 2016)

Register of business and financial interests

Governance roles in other schools

Edward Doyle

Local rector

Foundation governor

15 May 2015 - (ex-officio)


Spiritual, moral,  social & cultural development  and church distinctiveness


Stephanie Garwood

Teacher at school

Staff governor

18 Mar 2016 - 17 Mar 2020

15/15 [Deputy headteacher] None
Rita Harrison-Roach

Foundation governor

4th April 2017 - 29th March 2021

10/15 Safeguarding & child protection None

Chris Hawker

National leader of governance 

9 May 2017
- 8 May 2021
10/14 Chair of governors
Chair of governors at Lavant Primary school
Max Harwood

Co-opted governor

12 Sep 2016 - 11 Sep 2020


Sports premium finance,   buildings & property,   health & safety


Amy O'Toole

Background: Working in Education for 10 Years in West Sussex, Portsmouth and a number of London schools.

Staff governor

22 Feb 2016 - no limit

15/15 [Headteacher] None

Hannah Pasfield

Background: Parent at the school. Payroll, HR and Finance

Parent governor

15 Jun 2016 - 14 Jun 2020

12/15 Pupil premium None

Neil Ryder

Background: Strategy, finance, marketing and databases

Co-opted governor

15 Jun 2016 - 14 Jun 2020


Data assessment, finance and ICT/website


Co-chair of governors at Stedham primary school

Matt Wright

Parent governor

14/15 Vice chair of governors None
  23 Sep 2015 - 22 Sep 2019   Governance and more able children  


Governor type



Fiona Dix

Associate member

29 Sep 2015 - 28 Sep 2017

3/15   None
EX GOVERNORS Governor type Attendance Term  
Cathy Cromie Staff governor  

1 Jan 2013 - 16 Mar 2016

Paul Davies Staff governor   1 Jan 2016 - 29 Jan 2016  
Jonathan Gratton Parent governor   25 Nov 2011 - 3 Oct 2016  
Lesley Greenman Co-opted governor   5 May 2015 - 10 Feb 2016  
Mathew Mattinson Co-opted governor   17 Mar 2015 - 22 Jan 2016  
Angela Newman Co-opted governor   17 Mar 2015 - 12 Sep 2016  
Joe Bowman Co-Opted Governor   5 May 2015 - 9 May 2017  
Louise Stevenson LA Governor   29th September 2015- 25th June 2017  
Verona Hall LA Governor   2 May 2016 - 4 Jul 2017  

Governing body minutes