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Rogate CE Primary School

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02/02/18: Sharing Assembly

This morning the children put on another fantastic sharing assembly! The children were able to show all the work the have been doing over the last term at Robins. The assembly started by the children showing the fishes they made the week we did "1,2,3,4,5, Once I caught a fish alive" they then did the rhyme to show all those attending the assembly that they are able to count on their fingers. We then went on to do "Hickory Dickory Dock" The children showed the clocks and the mice they had made before using the wooden sticks to tap along to the rhyme. This demonstrated that they have been learning about rhythm. We rounded of the nursery rhyme section of our assembly by sing and doing the actions to "I have a little turtle" The children also showed the clay turtles they had made and painted during the week.

To finish off our assembly the children showed that they have been learning to write their names and demonstrated some of the phonics they have been learning. The children did a super job! and we are all very proud of them.

30/01/18: Shoebox Appeal Update

We have finally recieved some information on where our shoeboxes have been sent. The four shoe boxes that we put together have been sent to Central Asia. All the children who recieved a shoebox are very greatful and want to say thank you to all those who donated towards their shoebox.

20/12/17: Christmas Party!

As today is the last day of term before christmas that can only mean one's party day! The children have taken part in a number of different activities such as Pass the parcel, musical statues, pin the star on the tree and a christmas treasure hunt. The children then had a visit from a very special guest........FATHER CHRISTMAS! all the children loved meeting Father Christmas and recieved a little gift from Father christmas. To end our party both children and staff joined the school for a christmas lunch. We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

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15/12/17: Nativity!

Yesterday we had the big nativity performance, in which the school kindly invited us to join in with. All the children put on a wonderful performance singing and dancing along to all the songs. We would like to say a big well done to all the Rogate Primary School children for remembering their lines and helping with our Robins. The Robins were all very brave and enjoyed going up on the stage and dancing along with the older children. Thank You to Mrs O' Toole for asking us to be apart of the school production and for putting on a fabulous show!

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01/12/17: Trip to Wyld's Christmas Tree Farm

Today the children have been on a trip to Wyld's Christmas Tree Farm in Liss. On arrival the children followed arrows through the plantation of christmas trees to find Father Christmas' special post box. Once they had found the post box the children posted their letters to Father Christmas that they had wrote previously in the week at Robins. We then walked back to the entrance of the farm and caught the tractor trailer ride to another tree plantation at the farm. Before looking for our perfect tree the children got the opportunity to feed the two pigs with apples. We then set off walking through the trees to find the perfect one to go into our classroom. After looking at many different shaped and sized tree we were able to find the perfect one. The children then spent the afternoon decorating the christmas tree whilst listening to christmas music. 

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29/11/17: Shoebox Appeal 

This year we decided to join in with The Samaritans Shoebox appeal. For those of you who have not heard of The Samaritans Shoebox appeal it is an appeal in which children fill shoe boxes with toys, clothes, books, pencils, personal hygiene goods etc, this box is then sent to a child of a chosen age range in a third world country. We would like to thank all parents who donated items for this appeal and we were able to fill 4 boxes to donate. We donated 2 boxes for a boy and girl aged 2 - 4 years old and another 2 boxes for a boy and a girl aged 4 - 6 years old. We have chosen to follow our boxes so we will keep you up to date with where they have gone when we find out in february. 

24/11/17: Rogate Robins Fantastic Sharing Assembly!

Well done to all the Robins children that took part in our fantastic sharing assembly this morning. All of our children were sensational and enjoyed telling the story of the 'Owl and the Star'. The older children and the staff were extremely impresssed with their wonderful singing!

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