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Rogate CE Primary School
Rogate CE Primary School

Rogate CE Primary School

Rogate Victorious in Rother Valley Debate!

Rogate Primary School has won the Rother Valley Debate competition for the first time in the history of the tournament!

On Wednesday 14th March, 3 intrepid debaters went forth from Rogate to Midhurst Rother College to take on teams from across the locality in the legendary Rother Valley debate competition! Our 3 representatives were James (Year 4), Poppy(Year 4) and Evie(Year 5). 

Several debates were had throughout the course of the afternoon discussing issues from pocket money to the age at which children should be allowed access to the internet. Our motion was "This House believes that all adults should have to pay 10% of their income to charity." Rogate had the challenge of opposing this motion and as such had to develop arguments that would convince the audience that this was an unacceptable expectation to place on adults. 

The audience was extremely impressed with the facts that all 3 members of the Rogate team used to back their arguments (average income; average expenditure; costings of enrichment activities for families etc) and with the passion that these arguments were presented. James scored particularly well when he began his speech with "Before I make my case I would first like to rebut the point made by my colleague on the opposing team..." 

This articulate and powerful approach led to a huge swing in support of the opposition argument and to Rogate CE Primary School being declared the winner not only of their debate but of the entire competition. Ms O'Toole (who was lucky enough to attend the debate) was extremely proud to have taken such excellent ambassadors to MRC and is thrilled with the beautiful trophy which now sits in our foyer area!

Following the debate, James spoke with Ms O'Toole and stated that he felt that lots of children could learn to be more confident and persuasive if the school were to have a regular debate club. Therefore Ms O'Toole and Mr Andrews decide to set one up and we have our first debate against Easebourne Primary on Thursday 7th June! Wish us luck!