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Rogate CE Primary School
Rogate CE Primary School

Rogate CE Primary School

The Chrome Books are Here!

Rogate CE Primary School has joined the 21st century with our purchase and receipt of a fleet of 30 new Chrome Books! 

On Tuesday, Ms O'Toole took delivery of our 30 new chrome books. Chrome books are like small laptops but, unlike more traditional laptops, Chrome Books do not have a large hard drive on which to store information. Instead, any work completed is stored in the pupils Chrome Drive in 'the cloud.' The huge advantage to this is that both pupils and teachers can pick up their work anywhere that they have access to any kind of computer and the internet.

The Foxes class demonstrated just one use of the Chrome Books in their fantastic class assembly. They had made a whole class, shared slide, which they then used to present their Science learning to the school and the parents. 

Every child across the school will be using the Chrome Books regularly as the teachers are now integrating the use of this new technology into their teaching across the curriculum. 


The school will be setting up a Parent Workshop after half term to introduce the Chrome Books to the parents and demonstrate how our pupils are using them to enrich their education.