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Rogate CE Primary School
Rogate CE Primary School

Rogate CE Primary School

Our Faith

Rogate CE Primary School is a Church of England school, promoting Christian Values through our daily collective worship, RE and PSHE teaching. We take our link with St Barnabas Church very seriously and visit as often as we can. Father Edward comes to school every week to take assembly.

Recently, the school has been considering the power of prayer, how we pray and why we pray during our collective worship. This has been supported by our current RE topic 'Does God Care what we Wear?'

We have been working with  the Diocese of Chichester to ensure that our teaching about God and our faith is done so in an enquiry format that encourages children to discuss, question and challenge the teachings of the bible. This is to ensure that ultimately pupils become able to discuss what their faith means to them and how it compares with the faith of others in a sensitive fashion with clarity and a greater depth of understanding.

We are also currently looking at 'The Big Story' of the bible, trying to give our pupils a clear understanding of the story as a whole. Looking at the bible in this way allows the staff to explore the key concepts of Christianity with the pupils, while basing their teaching on a story from within the bible, which often helps the pupils understanding of a concept.

Our faith underpins the values and morals which we demonstrate and pass on to our pupils, resulting in pupils that are kind, loving and able to become positive influences in the world around them.