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Rogate CE Primary School
Rogate CE Primary School

Rogate CE Primary School


Writing is currently a key focus for the school.

We are improving writing by:

  • Introducing a phonic scheme which supports pupils with phoenetically plausible spelling
  • Ensuring that pupils get WOW opportunities regularly to inspire their writing
  • Working alongside an external advisor to improve the structure of the writing learning journey
  • Observing the practice and outcomes of teachers and pupils at Good and Outstanding schools
  • Ensuring that writing is developed across the curriculum
  • Giving pupils high quality feedback which they respond to regularly
  • Allowing pupils to write in a range of styles on a wide variety of topics to keep the learning engaging
  • Providing skills checklists for pupils undertaking a 'hot write' to guide their work
  • Holding high expectations of pupils at all times 

As you may be aware, the expectation of what pupils should achieve by the end of each key stage has risen dramatically since the launch of the 2014 National Curriculum and the 2016 Standardised Assessment Tests. We strive, as a school, to support every child and ensure that they achieve the bvery best they are capable of.

Please find below:

*The Assessment Criteria for Writing for the end of KS1 and KS2

*Spelling Objectives by Year Group